Election Night Reporting

Simple but Powerful Analytics

Up-to-the-minute Election Night Reporting

Real Time Election Reporting

Peace of mind comes with eLect Election Night Reporting. Real time results means more efficient administration on Election day.

Customized Styles

Make eLect Election Night Reporting your own by adding your counties' banners, fonts, colors and maps to match your branding.

Apply your branding to eLect Election Night Reporting


Interactive Maps

Granular results at a glance

A graphical overview of all races over the county with color-coded results are displayed to voters for a quick understanding of the trends within the jurisdiction. By clicking on the map, specific results for that area are displayed.

My Results™

Individual ballot style results

A unique offering from Everyone Counts to improve the voter experience, My Results™ allows each voter to view personalized results. Everyone Counts’ Ballot Address Locator (BAL) technology allows the voter to enter their address and be presented with a clear and concise view of the election results for their specific ballot.


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Direct Integration

Everyone Counts can connect to your database using a secure one-way connection for continually up-to-date results. The automated process maps the data to Everyone Counts’ eLect Election Night Reporting solution and is display on the website.





Periodic Uploads

Election Administrators have the flexibility to upload EMS exports to update election results at any time throughout the tabulation process. Though the administrative portal, results are uploaded from removable media directly into the system for publishing on the website.


Tablet and Smartphone Ready

No App Required

eLect Election Night Reporting's responsive design ensures that tablet and smartphone users can easily view election results without downloading an app. This eliminates the need for costly development and gives voters access to results from any device.

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