Election Night Reporting

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eLect® Election Night Reporting gives all of your stakeholders—from voters, candidates and the media—near real-time election results. Results can be viewed, from both a data and graphical format, from any device with internet connectivity. Some of its most prominent features include:

My Results

By entering in an address, My Results displays a voter's personalized results with clear, graphical results reporting of the contests which appeared on their specific ballot style.



Powerful infrastructure ensures a continuous, scalable presentation of election-cycle returns without the risk of application downtime during critical periods of peak usage.


Ensures desktop, tablet and mobile device users can easily view election results—without downloading an app.

Customized Styles

Make it your own by adding banners, fonts, colors and maps to match your jurisdiction’s branding.


Periodic Uploads

Through its quick and intuitively designed administrative portal, results are published to your website based on how frequently you chose to upload new results to the interface. Once uploaded, new results are then published to your platform.