Election Administration

Powerful, Task-driven Election Administration Tools

eLect® Administration is the most powerful electronic election administration engine in the industry today. As with all of our voting solutions, it is intentionally designed based on the feedback and needs of election officials, and with the total election life cycle in mind. The resulting solution enables election administrators to seamlessly connect all of their core election administration processes and control access from a single point.

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Empowering election administrators

All of our voting solutions empower election administrators to efficiently serve their voters and successfully deliver accurate, quality elections, while streamlining every step of the election administration process. Election officials we serve no longer need to be burdened with costly and time-consuming design, configuration, and setup processes, nor with the task of scheduling training and support services.


A feature-rich single point of access

The feature-rich interface is highly secure, intrinsically usable, and arranges tasks in a logical order according to workflow. Using eLect Administration, administrators can work from one single point of access to efficiently manage and monitor their elections.


Security Control

Election administrators have the ability to oversee task delegation for specific individuals by implementing role-based access, permissions, and user levels.


Automated ballot building

The eLect Administration interface includes a full suite of integrated election administration tools, such as Ballot Builder. Election administrators use Ballot Builder to import information from the updated voter database. This information serves as a base from which to build an election and contains the definitions and descriptions of all ballot details, including contests and candidate information for each county or voting jurisdiction.

Leveraging import and export capacity

Once the voter database is imported, administrators can begin building their election, using the task-driven wizard in Ballot Builder to design the election data and the cosmetics related to ballot design. Additional features include task-driven online editing and proofing tools, template design and reuse, and integrated support for Logic and Accuracy testing.


Reporting flexibility and accuracy

eLect® Reports delivers a full suite of data reports to election administrators and  provides real-time monitoring and tracking of all election administration data. Report data, such as voter information, in-person and remote voting status, ballot allocation, and voter ballot access, can be easily viewed, filtered, sorted, printed, emailed, or published to a website.

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Reduce reporting overhead

eLect Reports additionally saves valuable time during and after an election by providing an efficient and cost-effective means for producing reports for management tracking, auditing efficiencies, and for publishing statistics to the public and media.

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