Electronic Ballot Delivery



Step 1: Authenticate

Voters authenticate with predetermined credentials which verifies eligibility and deliver the correct ballot style.


Step 2: Mark

Voters independently mark their fully HAVA-compliant, easy to use ballot without the risk of overvoting.


Step 3: Submit

Voters review their preferences, are warned of any undervotes, and complete their ballot and affidavits.


One Solution

Serve any voter population with the same system

Certain voter populations present unique challenges for both election administrators and voters causing participation rates for these groups continue to be below average.

eLect® Electronic Ballot Delivery provides a easy to use system for election administrators as well as a superior solution for voters to fully enfranchise your hardest to reach voter populations.


Military & Overseas Voters

Those serving in the armed forces and those living overseas have historically been disenfranchised by challenges in making their vote count in an election. The challenge of registering, receiving their ballot, and returning a correctly marked ballot is alleviated with eLect.

Instant worldwide access

Military and overseas voters go online to request, receive, and mark their ballots. No matter where they are in the world, they have been able to securely access their unique ballot from any internet device. This includes PCs, Laptops, iPads, tablets and even smartphones.

CAC integration

Using the military’s ubiquitous Common Access Card (CAC), Everyone Counts is able to authenticate a voter providing a high degree of security and convenience. Using Everyone Counts’ eLect system, military members use their CACs to immediately register, submit an absentee voter form, and receive their county specific ballot.

Voters with Disabilities

Everyone Counts is committed to making our solutions intuitive to use and universally accessible for all voters, particularly previously disenfranchised populations.

Adaptive technology compatible

eLect® Electronic Ballot Delivery and Marking allows voters with disabilities to utilize common assistive technology, such as audio with headphones, zoom and contract capability, and the ability to connect switch access devices (such as sip and puff, paddles, and jelly bean switches) allowing them to vote independently and privately, often for the first time.

Independent and private

eLect’s accessible online voting capabilities empower voters with disabilities and blind and visually impaired voters alike. Voter privacy, a core principle of democracy, is protected as voters may cast their ballot anonymously and without assistance. Further, eLect® increases accuracy by preventing overvoting, alerting to undervoting, and providing the opportunity to review one’s ballot before submission.

Disenfranchised Voters

When faced with emergency displacement, natural disasters, or hard-to-reach remote voters, eLect provides instant access to private, secure, and accessible voting.

Emergency displacement

Voters unable to visit a polling center due to inclement weather or a natural disaster may instantly access their ballot using eLect Electronic Ballot Delivery.

Isolated locations

Voter populations living in geographically isolated locations including rural areas, submarines, ships, mines, and oil platforms are guaranteed secure and reliable return of their ballots with eLect.

Hospitals and nursing homes

Immobile voters and those that need additional time or assistance benefit from eLect’s integration with assistive devices and real-time error-checking to prevent accidental invalidation.


Flexible Return Options

Everyone Counts recognizes that every jurisdiction is different and may require different return options based on local law and procedures. eLect can be configured to offer the following return options:


Blank ballot delivery

Allow your voters to access their ballots anywhere in the work to print and mark by hand.


Electronic marking

Voter can access their fully HAVA-compliant ballot and mark their ballot online to print and return.


Electronic ballot package

Voters access, mark, digitally sign, and submit their ballot and affidavits to their local office for tabulation.


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