New South Wales, Australia, 2011 State Election

When the premier of New South Wales announced the need for accessible elections "for visually impaired people of New South Wales improving their democratic right to a secure ballot," legislation was quickly passed. The idea is clear: accessibility is crucial to democracy. The execution, however, would require the largest number of votes collected from people outside of New South Wales. Everyone Counts brought the idea to reality on Election Day: 30,000 new disabled, interstate, and overseas voters were heard.


  • eLect® Electronic Voting: Online ballot marking and submission
  • eLect® Telephone Voting
  • Central Print™: Ballots were decrypted and printed in a central location on Election Day to be included in the normal count process. The ballot printout was designed to match the postal ballot so that there was anonymity among the voting solutions.

Eligible Voters

  • People with a disability such as difficulty accessing a polling station or requiring assistance to cast their vote
  • People who are blind or with low vision, plus other conditions that could prevent ability to vote independently (e.g. physically incapacitated or illiterate)
  • Remote voters: people who reside at least 20km/12.5mi from a polling station
  • Interstate and overseas voters: people outside NSW throughout polling hours on Election Day

Custom and Seamless

  • Complex logic for Upper House ballot: over 300 candidates with preferential, proportional representation using “above the line” (vote by party) or “below the line” (vote by candidate) ballot logic
  • Lower House: 93 ballot styles, optional preferential logic
  • Custom reporting for notification, monitoring, and auditing
  • Online and telephone user interface built in eLect®, allowing for the two systems to seamlessly integrate and provide the same voter and ballot data and results
  • eLect® Telephone Voting was designed to ensure compliance with leading industry standard for telephone systems: AS/NZS 4263 and Australia's new Telephone Voting Standard Version 2.0 created by the Electoral Council of Australia

Leadership in Project Management

  • Everyone Counts’ award-winning Project Managers provided onsite and remote interaction with NSW Electoral Commission
  • Contingency planning, security and encryption, hosting, and voter testing phases all integrated into a seamless management tool

Successes: 46,864 Votes Cast Electronically

  • 91% of iVote registrants cast a ballot
  • 1,964 votes from voters with a disability or illiteracy
  • 95% of votes were cast online; 5% were cast by phone

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