Honolulu 2009 & 2011 Neighborhood Board Election

An independent body established by the Honolulu Board of Commissioners unanimously chose Everyone Counts to provide accessible, secure elections with a limited budget. By reducing mailing costs and election staff, and streamlining the election process, Everyone Counts saved the City of Honolulu $100,000, and electronic voting technology made it possible for thousands to cast their ballots without assistance for the first time in their lives.

Election Solutions Deployed 

Eligible Voters

Honolulu-area residents


  • Online voting and telephone options provided
  • Seamless EMS integration
  • Solution customizable to election rules
  • Reporting modules defined by jurisdiction
  • HAVA-compliant solution to prevent overvoting and warn of undervoting
  • Write-in candidates allowed
  • Election dates at the discretion of the councils, as opposed to being subject to polling location availability


  • Convenience and accessibility for all voters                         
  • Flexibility in using existing format of City and County of Honolulu’s voter roll
  • Ballot counting completed in minutes instead of days
  • Ability to process ballots in a timely fashion
  • Access to required activity and results for all levels of government
  • On-time election cycles provided conveniently to the voter, not tied to polling location availability


  • Savings of over 50% of election costs
  • Results were immediately available
  • Enhanced voter satisfaction
  • Election officials cited ease of use


  • All communication secured using SSL/TLS protocol            
  • Electronically submitted voter preferences are kept anonymous and are encrypted utilizing 2048-bit RSA containers
  • Software and procedures provide a highly auditable system
  • All systems monitored in real time

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