Benefits of eLect®

Our eLect online voting solutions are defining the Next Generation of election and voting systems

Significant Cost Savings

Users of our solutions consistently achieve a 20%-50% total reduction in the cost of  traditional election systems and processes.

Users of our solutions consistently achieve a 20%-50% total reduction in the cost of  traditional election systems and processes.

Since 1996, Everyone Counts has used its vast collective election administration expertise to develop online voting solutions to reduce total cost of ownership of the election process and to maximize cost savings. When compared with traditional election systems and processes, users of our electronic voting solutions consistently achieve a 20%–50% total reduction in costs.

Streamlining and improving election administration processes inherently reduces both risk and cost, while enabling administrators and voters with secure, intuitive, flexible, and feature-rich solutions. Our electronic voting solutions empower all election officials and stakeholders with control and flexibility.

Sustainable and Scalable Administrative Efficiencies

Sustainability is effortless and automatic when using our total package of online voting solutions. The design of each component reduces machinery, maintenance, paper, and supplies. As an added benefit, our customers experience immeasurable reduction on the carbon footprint created by travel. It is important to consider and measure the environmental consequences of travel related to the equipment maintenance, transport of traditional ballot boxes, and travel to and from polling stations for both poll workers and voters.

The design of each component reduces machinery, maintenance, paper, and supplies.

The design of each component reduces machinery, maintenance, paper, and supplies.

Using our electronic voting solutions demonstrates your community's commitment to the environment and in meeting sustainability goals. For example, sharing a large pool of hardware resources and large-scale core network infrastructure automates many core processes and offers unlimited flexibility in a highly scalable environment. With today’s technology trends, it is important to stay ahead of the game and future-proof your investment.

Our customers benefit from our decades of election administration experience. We can quickly identify and report on election technology trends and predict potential requirements. We will recommend voting solutions and strategies to ensure that your election system is, and remains, fully scalable and with the flexibility to meet future election technology trends.


Zero security breaches.

Zero security breaches.

Enhanced Security and Auditability

We understand that security is about layer upon layer of protection, cumulatively increasing the safety of each election project. We address each of these layers by using military-grade security and accredited, industry-standard data hosting and storage facilities. Our data centers offer unrivaled physical protection and entry safeguards, and any access to data requires multiple levels of security credentials.

Due to the sensitive nature of security controls, our methodologies can be detailed in further discussions and in confidential white papers. Contact an Everyone Counts representative today to learn more about how our election system management and software-as-a-service solutions can increase the security of your election system in the following areas:

  • Physical protection
  • Database protection
  • Firewall controls and intrusion protection
  • Antivirus and malware controls
  • Final system hardening
  • Detecting and reporting unauthorized access attempts
  • Administrative and personnel security

Universally accessible for all voters.

Universally accessible for all voters.

Increased Accessibility

eLect integration allows the flexibility to operate from any web-enabled device. Your voting system, regardless of the device type, will evolve with the continuous enhancements in technology as they are introduced to the market, rather than being bound to an antiquated, single-purpose voting machine.

Our advanced technology allows for previously disenfranchised citizens, such as those who are disabled or living outside of their native country, to be included in the election process. Our accessible-device compatibility and forward-thinking electronic voting solutions for including voters who are unable to vote in person have proven to increase voter participation rates.


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Improved Accuracy

We are a "turn-key" election service provider with a wealth of experience in providing a full spectrum of electronic election services.

We provide full system and Logic and Accuracy (L&A) testing, including mock election scenarios, which are delivered in the pre-election phase, and provide full support for all post-election activities.

Everyone Counts understands the importance of delivering a secure online voting system that accurately captures voter intent. We also understand that voters will want to verify their final selections, which is critical in creating public trust in the system. Our systems use military-grade encryption and application-level crypotographic techniques to ensure that no votes can be tampered with before, during, or after a voter casts a ballot.

During the pre-election phase, we work with each client, individually, to demonstrate system accuracy in their unique environment. We use stringent Logic and Accuracy (L&A) tests to prove that votes are successfully captured and verified against a predetermined set of voting preferences.


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