Automated Ballot Remaking


eLect’s Transcriber records ballot selections in a patent-pending 2D barcode that is printed on the ballot alongside the marked choices. Remote voters print their ballot on ordinary paper and return it to the appropriate jurisdiction, where it is scanned on a ballot printer and reprinted on official ballot stock for tabulation. This guarantees the ballot can be quickly, properly, and officially counted. This more cost-effective, efficient solution replaces the traditional manual transcribing of ballots, which has consistently proven to be a labor-intensive, error-prone, and time-consuming process.

automated ballot remaking.png

Transcriber brings many benefits to the election process and has shown positive results in past elections, including Denver and El Paso, Colorado, and Chicago and Cook County, Illinois


Increased Accuracy

  • Eliminates manual errors in ballot remaking
  • Allows ballots to be quickly, properly, and securely counted


Increased Security & Auditability

  • 2D barcode can be used as an extra audit of the ballot
  • Barcode is securely generated


Improved Efficiency

  • Faster processing and transcribing of ballots
  • Easy to use
  • Minimal staff training is required to process ballots
  • Compatible with most ballot printers


Reduced Costs

  • Dramatically reduces ballot remaking staff time
  • Eliminates the cost of hiring extra staff to remake ballots

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