eLect® Administration

A Host of Seamless Solutions from a Single Point of Access

eLect Administration is a single user interface that features a full suite of online election administration components that can be managed easily and efficiently. Whether you use one specific solution or all of the eLect solutions, eLect Administration provides a single point of access to securely manage and monitor your election.

voter registration.png

Voter Registration

Provides easy-to-use online forms for voters to register, update, and request absentee ballots, for seamless integration into any election system

voter management.png

Voter Management

A real-time voter management system that enables administrators to efficiently and accurately manage the voter database

campaign finance.png

Campaign Finance

An easy-to-use online portal for candidates to file and post required campaign finance reports

ballot builder.png

Ballot Builder

Build, preview, edit, and approve ballot from a single point of access—the Ballot Builder wizard guides you each step of the way, from EMS uploads, to adding custom graphics and logos

poll worker management.png

Poll Worker Management

Manage poll workers in each step, from recruitment to training—polling-place resources can be planned, managed, and monitored



Highly configurable around-the-clock monitoring and tracking of all election data, in real time, including voter information, voting status, ballot allocation, and ballot access

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Improved Access

  • Access system on any authorized computer, tablet, or smartphone
  • Single, easy-to-use console with direct access to all administrative applications
  • Quick and easy to switch between applications


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User Friendly

  • A single login gains access to allowed applications using specified permission levels
  • Easy-to-follow, task-driven user interfaces and functionality
  • Online help, informative messaging, and instructional links provided
  • Settings are tailored to match each jurisdiction’s precise needs



Increased Efficiency

  • Automates existing manual processes
  • Reduces time and costs related to administrative processes
  • Automated monitoring reduces manual efforts and associated costs
  • Increases productivity using precisely placed, easy on-screen actions


Enhanced Security

  • Access controls by credentials, location, and time
  • Roles and permissions ensure access by authorized users only
  • Logs and records all system interactions
  • Alerts issued for attempted and actual changes on specified systems

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